Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why Addiction Recovery Starts with the Family of the Addict

People often think of addiction as being about the addict. They think the addict needs help, the drug use needs to stop, the alcohol abuse is ruining their life... but how many people think about the family?

What I like about Family First Intervention is they don't start with the addict, they start with the family of the addict.

A quote from the home page of the website:

"Every situation we have encountered has something that can be changed drastically in the family system to give the problem back to their loved one. Many families each day tell us that they have called countless addiction interventionist treatment centers, therapist, psychiatrist and others only to be told that nothing can be done to help their loved one unless they want help or hit rock bottom instead of telling them to do an alcohol and drug intervention. Waiting for your loved one to want help or hit bottom can be dangerous because of the higher risk category they are in with every passing day of drinking or drugging. We work with the family before the intervention to ensure we make the addict or alcoholic accountable for all of their addiction and the family is educated on how to no longer be responsible for the problems that arise from their loved ones addiction."

I think this is the way addiction treatment should start. If your loved one needs help, forcing them into rehab before they are ready will likely result in failed rehab leading to relapse. The addict needs to be ready. If the family understands how they are enabling and allowing behaviors, the family can change... when the family changes, the addict becomes responsible and can be held accountable for their actions. Then, when they enter a rehab program, they are ready, which lessens the chance of relapse down the road.

Family First updates their blog often, so if you are interested in this subject, I suggest you subscribe to their blog: Family First Intervention Blog.