Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Holiday Bulge

The holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time full of mirth, merriment, and meals. For those struggling with overeating, this can be a very trying time.

New Dawn Recovery is a behavioral health organization based out of California. Through their eating disorder center of California, New Dawn has noticed a surprising trend in recent years. Individuals that have been suffering from overeating, binge eating, or compulsive eating, tend to peak in their emotional response to food stimulants during this time of year. This could partly be attributed to primitive instincts to stock up on food and calories at the time of year when food supplies are very scarce. It can also be attributed to sociological triggers as well.

During the holidays, the majority of the country is making their visits to family and dear friends all over the country and the world. For those people who have mental health issues tied to their self-esteem and body image issues, emotional responses can be queued up in the brain. Depression, anxiety, and other nervous issues can be triggered by seeing healthy and average-weight family and friends. This is one of the reasons we have the tradition of "New Year's Resolutions."

With all of the negative stimuli lurking out there in your positive holiday season, it is important that you stay calm, be patient, regulate your moods through breathing techniques, and try and eat with moderation and control.

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