Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting Addicted Loved Ones Into Treatment with Intervention

When you, the loved one, of an individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol decide it's time to do something about this problem, you often don't know where to begin.

Questions you might be asking yourself:   

Should I just confront the person and tell them I am concerned? 

Should I try and gather the family together and do a group intervention?

Should I contact an addiction treatment center first and ask for help?

The truth is, when you try to intervene on your own, you are setting yourself up for a battle. Your loved one is not in a rational state of mind. They don't want to hear about how disappointed you are in their behaviors and how you think they have changed for the worse. When you confront them, they will instantly become defensive and often times put the blame back on you.  

Common reactions and retorts:

"Why are you judging ME when YOU yourself aren't perfect?" 

"Well if you didn't push me so hard I wouldn't have to escape so much!" 

"It's not as bad as you think, you just don't understand what I am going through."

When you feel guilty about your own actions or can't seem to find the appropriate way to respond to such retorts, you find yourself in a worse position than before you confronted your loved one. Instead of trying to confront your loved one alone, it's better to seek a professional interventionist for help first. Mike Loverde of Family First Intervention Services (click here to read his story) has been helping families with interventions for over a decade. He has seen and heard it all. Hiring someone like him ensures your loved one's health and well being is in the hands of a TRUE expert. Having a professional intervention counselor should be looked at as an investment you can't afford to NOT make! You are not only helping your loved one overcome their addiction - but you are actually helping all friends and family members as well. He will work with you first, so that you understand your connection to the individual addicted to drugs/alcohol and how you have been enabling the addict. Then, the whole family can make changes and heal together.

Addiction is NEVER about just the addict. It impacts the lives of everyone who loves this person. You ALL need help! By seeking the right kind of professional help, you are saving your loved one's life.

Why try to do this all alone?  

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